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We can still provide great care through virtual telehealth! 

Virtual appointments are available for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. 

Telehealth may be the right option for you if: 

  • You want to avoid coming into the clinic during cold and flu season.
  • During weather advisories and poor driving conditions
  • If you wake up the day of your appointment with cold symptoms but still want to connect with your healthcare provider. 
  • You prefer a virtual appointment.

Below is a list of essential information to try and provide you with the highest quality telehealth call:

  • We use a secure double encrypted platform called Doxy. Doxy is compliant with all PHIPA, PIPEDA and GDPR privacy requirements.
  • Your confirmation e-mail for your appointment will be sent to you 24-48 hours before your appointment time. The secure link for Doxy telehealth will be provided in the email.  Here is the link for Doxy
  • 5 minutes before your appointment time, please click on the link and Doxy will open as a separate tab on your computer. Here is a screen shot of what to expect when you login:


Doxy Screenshot


  • A welcome box will appear. Please enter your name and click on “Check In” to proceed into the Waiting Room.  Please wait in the waiting room for your therapist to start your private call.
  • Tips for a high quality Doxy call:
    • It is preferable to use a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Phones are not ideal but can be used if necessary.
    • When possible, use a computer with a wired connection (Ethernet cable) such as a desktop computer. Wifi devices are more susceptible to inconsistent calls.
    • Please turn off other wifi devices in the home such as Netflix, music, other cell phone data or other wifi electric devices to ensure a high quality call with your therapist.
    • Please close unused programs on your computer device.
    • Using Firefox as the browser when on Doxy may cause more glitches and delays. It is suggested you use the latest browser version.
    • When you login to Doxy you may need to give permission for your camera and microphone to be accessed.
    • Please have your phone available beside you when on a computer Doxy appointment. If during your Doxy meeting you are experiencing audio difficulties such as glitches or feedback, we can turn off the audio on the computer and proceed with a telephone call.
    • Your therapist may be wearing headphones during the call to limit background noise and distractions.
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