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VOR Physiotherapy began in January 2009, and we are proud to have just celebrated 10 years in business serving the Waterloo region.

The clinic was started by Matthew and Gaetanne Aggerholm, a husband and wife team, who are both Registered Physiotherapists.

In 2004, Matthew chose to study abroad in Australia to complete his Masters of Physiotherapy, and Gaetanne was more than happy to enjoy the time in Australia!

Gaetanne grew up in Kitchener and upon returning from Australia, they settled here to raise their children and be close to family. We have happily lived in Waterloo for over 15 years.

After 10 years of experience working in private Physiotherapy clinics together, Matthew and Gaetanne identified a significant need for vestibular/vertigo help for people in our community.  As we began treating patients with dizziness, we quickly discovered a connection with the jaw and neck.  Eventually we came to discover many of our vestibular and jaw patients had symptoms very similar to concussion patients.  Our training and services grew.

What started out as a small 2 person clinic in 2009, quickly grew and now includes 16 team members who are all very passionate about patient care.

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This does require some improvisation but Matthew has mastered this and makes is as easy as possible. I highly recommend that you try doing your physio through Telehealth.


As a result it (telerehab) has improved the quality of my day to day life and helped move me forward in my recovery, at a time when everything else seems to be standing still.


This really helped me maintain structure and exercises at home. I am so grateful that I was able to do the at home, over the computer physio as it has drastically improved my concussion symptoms and I am now feeling much more like myself pre-concussion.


I really found it worked well because Matthew could see me practicing what he wanted me to do. It was as close to meeting in person as you can get!!!


I have currently completed three of these online/video therapy sessions with VOR and I am so relieved that I am staying on track with my physiotherapy.


I would encourage others to get in contact with Matthew, if you need a competent physiotherapist who understands how to use the Doxy Telehealth service well, as he keeps you on track with your physio exercises.


My appointment with Matthew via the secure Doxy telehealth service was extremely helpful.  The technology enabled a face-to-face interaction which provided ample opportunity for clarifications and demonstrations of various exercises of my treatment plan.

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