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Who We Are

We are a caring rehabilitation team who specialize in the treatment of dizziness, vertigo, concussion, jaw disorders, whiplash, and neurological injuries.  Our specialized services include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy, Athletic Therapy, Social Work, and Dietetics.

Our Goals at VOR are:

To provide client centered treatments and goal setting through assessment of the individual without preconception or prejudice.

To provide evidence-based treatments through skills development and continuing education.

To be recognized in our region as the leaders in the treatment and management of vestibular, concussion, and TMJ concerns.

To achieve the highest possible success rate with each patient.


Matt was able to diagnose me, assess my condition, and provide effective exercises to do during the week.   Thank you again to Matt, Gaetanne, and everyone at VOR Physiotherapy for finding a way to continue helping people from a distance.


As a result it (telerehab) has improved the quality of my day to day life and helped move me forward in my recovery, at a time when everything else seems to be standing still.


This really helped me maintain structure and exercises at home. I am so grateful that I was able to do the at home, over the computer physio as it has drastically improved my concussion symptoms and I am now feeling much more like myself pre-concussion.


This does require some improvisation but Matthew has mastered this and makes is as easy as possible. I highly recommend that you try doing your physio through Telehealth.


I would encourage others to get in contact with Matthew, if you need a competent physiotherapist who understands how to use the Doxy Telehealth service well, as he keeps you on track with your physio exercises.


I have currently completed three of these online/video therapy sessions with VOR and I am so relieved that I am staying on track with my physiotherapy.


I really found it worked well because Matthew could see me practicing what he wanted me to do. It was as close to meeting in person as you can get!!!

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